Camp notices


Dear parents,


We remind you that the start of the first shift of the Summer Language Camp for your child is on Monday, June 17th, 2024. at 9 a.m. Reception of children starts at 8:30 a.m. at the earliest. The program ends at 5 p.m.

Please keep in mind when coming to the school that we are in a residential building where it is necessary to respect the decisions of the Residential Community. Remind the children not to run through the corridors, not to throw garbage and not to use the elevator on their own (if the building has one). In order to avoid creating a crowd in the school itself, please do not enter the premises of the Center. Your child will be escorted to the classroom by a person in charge.

We also remind you of several important things so that the child feels as comfortable as possible during their stay at the camp:

  1. It is recommendable to have breakfast at home
  2. Your child should carry a notebook and a pencil case in his backpack (with complete accessories including felt-tip pens and crayons)
  3. Have a water bottle with them
  4. Bring a snack as desired
  5. Dress according to the weather
  6. Wear a cap or hat every day (we recommend sneakers for sports activities)
  7. Bring pocket money (no more than 200 rsd) with them every day, to buy ice cream or refreshments as desired

We are looking forward to starting our adventure at the EQUILIBRIO SUMMER LANGUAGE CAMP!

So that you can follow your child’s summer language adventures on a daily basis, we will do our best to delight you every day with photos and videos that we will publish on our official Instagram and Facebook profiles. All you have to do is follow us at:

@Belgrade language camp


Contact person: Dušica Cvetković 061 2610 328

E-mail contact: